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The Spiritual MBA Mentoring Process from Awakened Leadership

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Grittiness and Experience

Brands typically trace their essence back to a founder’s story. Awakened Leadership is one of those brands. Alan Shelton, our founder, began his corporate career at Price Waterhouse in the 70’s doing Mergers & Acquisitions. At the same time Alan was addictively absorbed by his own spiritual journey. This two-headed monster became the focus of an entire lifetime. As luck would have it, Alan’s background was that of a hard working kid from the orange groves. His career and education, while effective, were seemingly a painted on cover. So his approach became one of on-the- ground engagement with life itself. Grittiness and experience would become the signature approach of how to live a life as a corporate animal and a spiritual being. Awakened Leadership is the brand story of exactly this life experience. Awakened Leadership proclaims unabashedly that spiritual transformation happens ‘here and now’ and that the corporate battlefield is the perfect ground for such a process.

The Path of Wisdom and Mentorship

Both seasoned leadership and spiritual awakening lead one to the same place. The tradition of mentors and spiritual masters are the tangible container facilitating individual movement. Alan was lucky to have corporate mentors in Stephen Covey and Peter Drucker along with many others. During his years in India Alan was mentored by Osho and Ramesh Balsekar. It is this traditional mentorship path that develops the seasoned presence so often felt in great leaders, spiritual or otherwise. There is no difference ultimately between a spiritual and a corporate journey.


The spiritual MBA is a one-on-one offering of mentorship for the corporate seeker. Its purpose is to establish, in 4 two-week modules, the terrain upon which a spiritual journey is possible.

Alan had mentors such as Stephen Covey, Peter Drucker, and Ramesh Balsekar in his own journey. It is in this direct tradition that Alan offers his program. Click on the button below to see Alan’s webinar “5 Secrets for People Feeling Trapped and Hopeless in Their Career” This will expose you to the Spiritual MBA program. If you wish you can schedule a direct conversation with Alan as well.

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The Spiritual MBA

Mentorship for Executive Seekers

Are you a successful corporate animal who has been bitten by the spiritual seeking bug? Does this cause an itch that cannot seem to be scratched? Perhaps this is because we have been taught that spiritual seeking and corporate success live in different worlds and should never touch? The corporate world simply doesn’t account for this combination. When the spiritual path grabs the inner sanctum of corporate animals, it becomes addictive and challenges career success. Yet, there seems to be a dearth of resources to support inner life in the corporate arena.

It turns out that there is an arena in the corporate terrain in which the drivers are exactly that of a spiritual search. That space is called leadership. Great news is that we have a name for it. Not so great news is that there are few corporate leadership training programs, if any, that have experience with, understand, and can deliver the spiritual component. Rarely is the convergence of spiritual seeking and corporate leadership addressed, let alone embraced.

Spiritual MBA Q&A : A Bi-Monthly Event With Alan Shelton

The Spiritual MBA Q&A is for you if you are a businessman or woman interested in awakening and how it applies to transforming your career and life. All questions relating to the grittiness of life and spirituality are welcome. This is open to spiritual seekers of any kind and is held on a donation only basis. Click on the button below to sign up for the next event.

Awakened Leadership: The Book

Excerpt from Forward by Jerry Skillett, CEO Parkblue

“Alan taught me not to think. That doesn’t mean doing nothing; it means being available to quiet the endless self-talk so that the body-mind can do instinctively what it is meant to do, without getting in its own way. I suspect that artist have flashes of this; children have flashes of this; making love has flashes of this. But business? Surely not.
Wrong. Nothing could be more important and brilliant for a leader.

In the simple stories in this book, Alan has captured how life is lived through you. You will discover that if you choose to observe and fully participate—without judgment—in your own life, then everything unfolds naturally. In a business context, this experience is powerfully enjoyable.”


“This book describes one man’s search for spiritual awakening and how he manages to integrate the search with his roles as a business consultant and business leader. If you, too, are a seeker, and looking for inspiration that awakening is possible while in the midst of being a leader, this book will be a welcome companion.”

—Barbara Braham, PhD, MCC, Executive Coach and author of Finding Your Purpose

Alan, I need to address this endorsement to you. I cannot write about you and your book; third person is too far from you. You are the source; you demand and deserve connection and intimacy. And this is the essence of your massive contribution to the literature of leadership and to world culture: Connect with and become intimate with the source of consciousness within your own Being. How bold, how brave, how profound! You have studied this, lived this, taught this, and now you embody this. I bow to you with great love and respect.”

—Robert Rabbin, self-awareness teacher, leadership advisor, author of A Mystic in Corporate America and The 5 Principles of Authentic Living

“I was an executive for many years and have held many leadership positions. I’ve tried many approaches to leadership—with both dramatic success and failure. As I reflected on the stories in Awakened Leadership, they helped me get clear on experiences from my own past. I’ve always believed that storytelling is the best way to teach, and Alan Shelton is world class at both telling the story and ensuring that the golden core of insight is clear. The whole book resonated strongly with my heart . . . and soul.”

—Hank Queen, Consultant, Axelrod Group

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