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Alan E. Shelton

To enter into Alan Shelton’s world is to take a dip in the pool of intense examination. At the core of Alan’s world is the irresistible challenging and examination of the assumptions upon which life is based. This has been the hallmark of both a spiritual search and corporate career.

Alan began his career in the M&A world with clients like IBM and Sunkist. He founded a specialty firm of over 120 folks preparing companies for sale. At the age of 37, Alan left his career and spent the next 6 years in India engaged in his own spiritual search. Alan returned to a corporate career becoming the CEO of several companies before moving into the development space working with senior executives and brand story. Alan’s clients included Nike, Vans, Lee and 7 For All Mankind among others. In 2012 Alan wrote Awakened Leadership tying leadership theory to old traditions of the spiritual search.

Alan lives in a remote agricultural area on the Big Island of Hawaii, with his wife of 25 years, Justine. She is a yoga therapist and healer who works with cancer survivors and individuals with chronic illness. His children—Kristin, 37, and Michael, 34—graduated with business degrees from the University of Southern California and the University of Arizona, respectively, and are both avid entrepreneurs. Alan has had a long love affair with rescued dogs; as you read this, it is likely that he is in his office mentoring seekers, with the two family dogs sleeping at his feet.