The Spiritual MBA

Mentorship for Executive Seekers

Discover 1-on-1 mentorship with Alan Shelton who has this to say about his own journey as a spiritual seeking corporate leader: “In the late 80’s I came to this recognition. I felt I had no choice but to leave my corporate life for years and go to India to plumb the depths of my own spiritual movement. Since my return from India in the early 90’s I have dedicated myself to finding the places in the corporate environment that I could carve into being a resource for seekers like me.”

Here what others have to say about working with Alan E. Shelton:

“For eight years, I worked side by side with Alan Shelton. It was in this setting that I came to understand the depth, compassion, competitiveness, and spirit of this truly authentic Californian. Alan is so talented that I made up a new word to describe him: “intellectuality.” While not included in Webster’s dictionary (so far), I define it as the ability to be engaged in the shared intellect that permeates the heart. When practiced in the leadership context, it may be the largest paradigm shift in leadership thinking ever experienced.”

Jerry Skillett CEO of Parkblue

“For those of us who have worked our entire career to better ourselves, and for whom that effort has resulted in extraordinary development and accomplishment, perhaps it is time to realize that more of the same is likely to come up empty. Perhaps you intuit that something else is needed. And perhaps you can sense that this “something else” is an awakening beyond (or prior to) self-mastery— where the self simply rests in and as the Inherent Unity that is its source.

Einstein said that the solutions to our current (most vexing) problems cannot be found from within the consciousness that created them. Who knows what would be possible in our troubled world if leadership could emerge awakened to the presumption of a larger Inherent Unity that is the Essential Self, of which (and as which) all seeming diversity is but an exuberant expression? Awakened Leadership is a vital branch on the tree of this exuberance.”

Bob Anderson Founder and CEO of The Leadership Circle

Corporate seekers are refugees seemingly isolated on their own island. We are preoccupied with building, as we always do, a bridge off the island. But to where? Currently it appears to be a bridge to nowhere. It seems we are stuck with cobbling our deepest drivers into the businesses we love.

  • Why does it have to be that way?
  • Who has the courage and wisdom to deliver spiritual guidance with no fear and point to the location of such wisdom within the organizational sphere?
  • Who can find the landing place for our bridge to nowhere as it disappears into the mists?

To answer the above questions, we have developed the Awakened Corporate Leadership program. It is for those who want an ongoing facilitation of the challenges that they face simply being spiritual seekers in the corporate world. We believe that spiritual seeking and corporate leadership go hand in hand.

Our process will move you forward along the spiritual and corporate paths you are already traveling. Our experiential and mentorship design is unflinchingly dedicated to guiding you to incorporate your spiritual journey as the platform of all else that arises in your life.